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Felting Hendo Poker

Home poker that isn't the same-ol game! This is a point-based, cash tournament series, with different variations to the game that will challenge every play style. The atmosphere is very friendly and social, so our games are for the serious poker player that likes to have fun. This ISN'T your neighborhood bar game! Our games play with only 18 seats per season, which helps maintain that 'Home Game' feel. This is a 21 and older game, due to the adult nature of most conversations and the alcohol thing.

Players in the league have committed to the 8-10 game season. This means that during a season, no new players will be allowed to join. If you would like to play in a season, please use the 'Contact Us' link to send us an email to be placed on the list. When a season is not in play, there are cash games and mini-tournaments to play. Put your name on the list for these games, if you would like to join in.

Felting Hendo Poker is a non-profit league. All money paid into the league is paid out to the players (see rules page).


FHP Updates

Season 19 is over! The Championship game was exciting as always!

Todd went out on the VERY FIRST HAND!!! No one would have ever seen that coming! In truth...I did feel bad...for at least a minute. ;) Seriously though...being the first one out of a game is bad, and I know a lot about that. But first hand...ouch man. Just...ouch!

Great Season Everyone!

Season 20 begins soon! The LAST Season. Yeah, it still hurts to say it.

Game Results

Championship Game
Season 19 Championship Game
Rank Name Hitman Hits Total Winnings Points
1 7 (Lindsay, Bowlin) 2 $1,076.00 60.00
2 6 (Amy, Bowlin) 7 (Lindsay, Bowlin) $645.00 50.00
3 27 (Mike, Washington) 7 (Lindsay, Bowlin) 3 $430.00 55.00
4 15 (Tina, Howard) 27 (Mike, Washington) 42.00
5 46 (Josh, Stroub) 27 (Mike, Washington) 38.00
6 26 (Brian, Thompson) 27 (Mike, Washington) 2 40.00
7 22 (Marty, Rosenberg) 26 (Brian, Thompson) 30.00
8 16 (Todd, Howard) 26 (Brian, Thompson) 26.00


Games are always on ...

Check back often as the dates may change                  FOOD

Season 20 Game 1 $30 NLH Hendo's Place June 28, 2019
S-20, Game 2 $30 Half Bounty Brians Place July 12, 2019
S-20 Game 3 $30 Knock-out Pool Todd & Tina's July 26, 2019
S-20, Game 4 $30 Full Bounty Hendo's Place Aug 9, 2019
S-20 Game 5 $30 NLH Brian's Place Aug 23, 2019
S-20, Game 6 $30 Half Bounty Hendo's Place Sept 6, 2019
S-20 Game 7 $30 Knock-out Pool Tina & Todd's Sept 20, 2019
S-20, Game 8 $30 Full Bounty Brian's Place Oct 4, 2019
S-20 Satellite Game $30 NLH Turbo Hendo's Place Oct 10, 2019
S-20, Championship Game NLH Hendo's Place Oct 11, 2019